Mattern & Craig provided funding acquisition and coordination from VDOT, VDH, and RD as well as inter-municipal partnership between Wise County and the Town of St. Paul for the survey and design for the total reconstruction of six (6) town blocks in the core downtown area.  Project includes replacement of approximately 2,600 LF of water and 9,000 LF of sewer infrastructure, design of new stormwater infrastructure in the project area to the Clinch River, new full depth roadway, new sidewalks, and new curb and guttering.

Mattern & Craig utilized utility replacement funding to leverage and offset a significant portion of the required locality matching funds for the VDOT Revenue Sharing Program.  Through the efforts of Mattern & Craig, St. Paul was able to acquire $3 in funding assistance for every town dollar.   Services include funding assistance, permitting, complete surveying and engineering design, right of way and easements, bidding, and construction engineering and inspection (CEI).

Downtown St. Paul, VA – June 2020