US-64, Brevard Road Improvements – North Carolina Department of Transportation

Provide turn-key design services for the widening of approximately 1-mile of US 64 (Hendersonville Highway) in Laurel Park, Henderson County, NC.  The project consists of widening US 64 from a traditional two-lane shoulder section to a primarily two-lane curb & gutter section with raised grass median and major intersection improvements, including innovative approaches such as multiple roundabouts, RCUTs (restricted crossing u-turn intersections) / J-turns, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes employing NCDOT’s Complete Streets concept.  Services for this project include survey, planning, environmental documentation, roadway design, stormwater design, traffic control, erosion control, traffic signalization, retaining wall design, utility relocation and design and permitting.

About Complete Streets

The N.C. Department of Transportation adopted a “Complete Streets” policy in July 2009. The policy directs the Department to consider and incorporate several modes of transportation when building new projects or making improvements to existing infrastructure. The benefits of this new approach include:

•Making it easier for travelers to get where they need to go;
•Encouraging the use of alternative forms of transportation;
•Building more sustainable communities;
•Increasing connectivity between neighborhoods, streets, and transit systems;
•Improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists

Specific Design Features

•Four high-capacity roundabouts with truck turning capacity and pedestrian safe havens;
•Two RCUTs (restricted crossing u-turn intersections) with J-turn designs;
•Raised grass median with major intersection improvements;
•Complete redesign of the existing intersection to address capacity and safety issues