Structural & Bridge


The professionals at Mattern & Craig have substantial experience, and have demonstrated their abilities in the design of new structures and the rehabilitation of existing structures. Our experience includes the design, inspection, evaluation and recommendation of repair or replacement of numerous structures, including:

  • water & wastewater structures
    • storage tanks
    • elevated tanks
    • new plant facilities
    • clarifiers
    • oxidation ditches
    • pump stations
    • control buildings
    • rehabilitation
  • parking structures
    • inspection
    • evaluation & recommendations
    • design of repairs
  • dams
    • design
    • inspection
    • evaluation & recommendations
    • studies
    • permitting
    • inundation zone mapping
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  • solid waste transfer & baling facilities
  • recreational facilities
    • visitor centers
    • pedestrian bridges
  • foundation design
    • spread footings
    • pile supported footings
    • caissons
  • storm drainage culverts
  • retaining walls
  • commercial buildings

The design of these structures include precast, prestressed, and cast-in-place concrete, steel, light gauge metal, aluminum, fiberglass, unreinforced and reinforced masonry and timber structures.

The firm has served communities and private industry throughout the southeast with complete services from planning through inspection of construction.



Mattern & Craig has continuously expanded its bridge design capacity to augment its strengths in roadway design by adding experienced structural engineering personnel to its staff. These bridge-oriented engineers and designers have brought with them extensive backgrounds and knowledge of all types of bridge design.

The various types of bridge work that have been executed by Mattern & Craig in recent years are extensive and varied. They include:

  • design/repair/rehabilitation/replacement
    • studies
    • deck investigations
    • new bridges of varying sizes and complexities
    • pedestrian bridges
    • bridge widening
    • bridge repair
    • load rating
    • deck and superstructure replacements
    • substructure repairs
    • cost estimating
    • specification preparation
    • bidding assistance
    • construction monitoring
  • inspections
    • performed approximately 100 per year since 1989
    • PONTIS bridge inspections (required by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA))
    • key personnel are familiar with and trained in the requirements of the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS), American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standards and Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) Bridge Design Criteria and Specifications
  • comprehensive condition reports
    • to determine probable cause and extent of deterioration
    • to evaluate types of repairs needed
    • tests performed include reinforcing steel depth, reinforcing steel epoxy coating assessment, chloride contents and petrographic analysis, evaluation of extent of alkali-silica reaction deterioration, including field and laboratory concrete strength tests and rate of concrete degradation

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