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Mattern & Craig was hired by TDOT to design the roadway and bridge improvements as part of a multi-faceted State Industrial Access project, in connection with Eastman Chemical Company’s corporate business center project. The scope of the project included approximately 0.5 miles of roadway improvements along Wilcox Drive and Lincoln Street, an enclosed, climate controlled pedestrian bridge over Wilcox Drive that will connect to Eastman’s new corporate business center, a vehicular bridge over Madd Branch that will connect the center to Lincoln Street, the replacement of 3 traffic signals and the addition of another, landscaping, and other associated construction items.

In May 2013, Eastman announced a $1.6 billion plan, named “Project Inspire”, to reinvest in its Kingsport facility. The first major project of the plan called for the construction of a new 300,000 square foot corporate business center on Wilcox Drive. Eastman set an aggressive schedule to have the business center open in the Fall of 2015, and asked TDOT to schedule the roadway improvements to be completed by that date. Thus, TDOT set an extremely aggressive schedule for the roadway project by giving M&C approximately 6 months to complete the survey and design of the project. Construction on the project began in the Fall of 2014, and is to be complete by the end of 2015.

The vehicular bridge over Madd Branch is a 80’ long, single span prestressed concrete AASHTO Type III girder structure with a deck width of 65’‐4”. The structure is jointless and utilizes fully‐integral shelf abutments supported on single rows of steel H‐piles. The bridge railing is a modified TDOT standard railing and incorporates a distinctive, specially designed aesthetic treatment to match site features for the corporate business center project. The project also included permit approvals, hydraulic analysis, and geotechnical coordination.

The pedestrian bridge over Wilcox Drive is a 188’ long, 14’ wide, three span structures with a main span of 100’ over the roadway and two 44’ cantilevered spans at each end for connectivity to Eastman’s infrastructure. The structure is a uniquely designed steel truss that utilizes diagonal structural steel rod members to support the main span and the two cantilevered spans. It is supported by two – 2 column piers that extend to the roof of the bridge to help brace the truss. The project also included the design of elevator shafts and stair towers for this “one of a kind” structure.  The highly anticipated road closure and installation of the structural steel beams was completed the weekend of July 11-12.  The project is nearing completion as shown in the video link below.

M&C teamed with the architectural firm of CainRashWest Architects http://grcinc.com/ for the glass curtain wall and other architectural tasks of the pedestrian crosswalk portion of the project. The Roanoke and Kingsport offices worked seamlessly to complete their specific tasks for the project and combine them into a master set of plans and specifications.  The construction contract amount is $8,918,827 and was awarded by TDOT to Summers-Taylor, Inc.   http://summerstaylor.com/

An evaluation of Mattern & Craig’s performance on this design project was completed by TDOT staff following completion of the design effort.  The evaluation resulted in a rating of 3.90 (out of 4.0).  The 2014 statewide average of evaluations for design contracts was 3.51.  We are very proud of this project and the rating received from our client.

Stay tuned to the Mattern & Craig website for regular updates on this exciting project.

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Madd Branch Bridge Kingsport TN

Madd Branch Bridge Kingsport TN

Madd Branch Bridge Kingsport TN

Madd Branch Bridge Kingsport TN