Ecological: Stormwater

Mattern & Craig has extensive experience in the design and inspection of drainage facilities & systems, flood studies & mitigation plans and stormwater management projects.  We have General Engineering Services Agreements with many of our clients to provide these services. Our experience includes:

  • stormwater BMP design inspections & plan review
  • EPSC/BMP design & inspection
  • low impact development (LID) design
  • permaculture design
  • drainage improvement studies & design
  • culvert studies
  • floodwall & levee system design
  • stormwater pump stations
  • pressure storm drain design
  • HEC-RAS modeling
  • HEC-2 calculations & design
  • stormwater detention basins with spillways
  • storm drain inlet & pipe systems
  • stormwater management systems
  • survey/design of flood damage repairs
  • retaining walls
  • FEMA grant applications & mitigation projects
  • TR-20 computer model
  • natural channel design
  • permitting & environmental clearance documents
  • watershed planning/management

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