Water & Wastewater


Mattern and Craig Water Resources and EcologyMattern & Craig has experience providing services on many water projects, from very small extensions to serve building sites, to projects serving neighborhood streets for community development projects, to County and City-wide systems. These comprehensive services are provided from project planning and financial assistance through design, final inspection and certification of construction. Our water experience includes the following:

  • preliminary engineering reports
  • studies
  • master plans
  • preliminary and final design
  • construction administration
  • pump stations and water mains
  • plant/pump station upgrades and rehabilitation
  • storage tanks
  • water treatment plants (from small package plants to large expansions)
  • raw water intake structures
  • well development design
  • water systems
    • treatment
    • CIMG0742-IIstorage
    • distribution
  • main transmission lines
  • distribution lines
  • O&M manuals

In addition to the above listed experience, we also have the KYPIPE and CYBERNET computer programs in house, on-line to perform analyses of existing and new water systems, pumping stations, and the effect of new systems on existing systems.


Mattern & Craig has considerable experience in the study and design of wastewater projects, including collection and treatment solutions. Following is a list which highlights the types of wastewater projects with which we have been involved.

  • sewer line collection system
  • interceptor sewers
  • sewer pump stations
  • treatment plants
    • studies
    • design of new, expansions and improvements
    • administration of construction
  • plant/pump station upgrades and rehabilitation
  • infiltration/inflow studies
  • sanitary sewer evaluation
  • surveys
  • sanitary sewer rehabilitation design
  • flow monitoring
  • smoke testing

Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES)

Mattern & Craig provides SSES services to identify and assess inflow/infiltration (I/I) issues in closed sewer systems. As most wastewater infrastructure is underground, we utilize the latest equipment such as CCTV inspection equipment to provide an internal, up-close look at areas that would be impossible to access otherwise. We also utilize traditional, hands-on visual inspections, including smoke testing for manholes and pipe segments as well as analysis software PACP/LACP/MACP certified by NASSCO Pipeline, Lateral and Manhole Certification Program.

SSES investigative techniques provided include:

  • closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection
  • manhole inspection
  • smoke testing
  • flow monitoring/rainfall monitoring

Our experience also includes the development of master plans (i.e. 201 Facilities Plans), studies, preliminary engineering reports, preliminary and final design, construction administration and working with the standards and regulations governing sewer system facilities and in obtaining the required approvals and permits.


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