Mattern & Craig Participates in Career Fair


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On November 8th, Mattern & Craig provided a booth for the Kingsport City Schools 4th grade career fair, to present to students what a career in engineering might entail.  Several members of the Kingsport office staff attended/presented including: Jason Carder, Jacob Carson, Nick VanEss, Megan Allphin, Jason Snapp, and Sam Culbertson.

Our staff paired up and each pair presented for about an hour.  We saw a total of 200 students; they were divided into 9 groups of approximately 20-25.  Each group had 18 minutes at our station.  We spoke about what education/training/skills are needed to be an engineer, the different types of engineering, and what civil engineers specifically do.  We had example plans, pictures of projects, a traffic simulation video prepared for the Center Street signal timings, and a surveying instrument setup.

The event was held at the Kingsport Civic Auditorium.