Mattern & Craig was commissioned by the Town of St. Paul, Virginia to perform a study and report, design, procurement, and construction administration services for a new, regional wastewater treatment plant.  The WWTP has an initial treatment capacity of 0.5 MGD with the ability to expand to 0.75 MGD for future growth.  The regional plant treats wastewater collected from three regional partners:  the Town of St. Paul, Castlewood Water & Sewer Authority, and Wise County Public Service Authority.

To facilitate construction of the new plant, an existing treatment lagoon had to be decommissioned and became the site for the regional plant.  A collection system connection was performed between Castlewood Water & Sewer to the Town’s system across the US 58 bridge in St. Paul.

The anticipated completion date of the WWTP is Fall 2015 with a total estimated price of $5.2 million.