Town of St. Paul, Virginia – Infrastructure Funding Success

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Mattern & Craig has recently completed several successful funding applications with the Town of St. Paul to acquire funds to perform various infrastructure projects.  These applications include funding to perform water system, wastewater collection, water and wastewater treatment, and transportation projects.

Most recently, the Town of St. Paul was offered a funding package in the amount of $646,000 to replace and upgrade its water system in the downtown area.  The package is comprised of $510,000 in loan and $136,000 in grant funds.  The Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and funding package were completed by Mattern & Craig and submitted to the Virginia Dept. of Health for consideration.

Mattern & Craig prides itself on assisting our clients with funding applications with various funding agencies and experiences a significant success rate of offers to our respective clients.

We hope that you will ask us how Mattern & Craig can assist you in acquiring funding for your next infrastructure project.